Friday, October 8, 2010

The Hat's Story

Who would've thought you could get so much fun out of a hat bought at a garage sale? After the first flurry of pictures taken and posted on Facebook, people began wanting to wear The Hat.  And I began to wonder how many pictures of a hat I could take before the novelty wore off. Well, it started in early July, and it's well into October now. I have well over two hundred hat pictures--with more coming along all the time.

I caught Brandon Hagan at the Daviess County Public Library, where he graciously consented to pose.

                    I took The Hat to Julie Alvey at the law office where she works.  That's me, standing there looking somewhat dork-like, as someone takes our picture.

By the way, anyone wanting to see my Hat Albums,Vol. I and Vol. II, may  peruse them in their present entirety by going to my Facebook photos pages, at

                  Another of my earlier victims--er, models--was my grandson, Spencer.


And then -- FLORIDA!!  This is a traveling Hat, after all.  The Hat made many friends in Florida, including this fellow, who seemed not to appreciate the full significance of what was happening to him. But he was something of a harbinger of what was to come. The Hat did not always conduct himself in a seemly manner in the Sunshine State.  Maybe it was the great company.  More likely, it was the beer, which he enjoyed just a shade too much.  At any rate, it was at about this time that he met...

                                  LADY HAT!!!!


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