Monday, October 18, 2010

Back To Florida!!

Rick and Stacy Mason flew from Owensboro to Orland to visit Universal Studios. Rick had just shaved off his mustache, and didn't look like himself. Here he's with a bunch a fake NASCAR drivers, one of whom is wearing The Hat.

Barney wears The Hat!

Stacy makes a new friend.

Either Homer is reluctant to give up The Hat, or he's giving Stacy a closer look.

A T Rex  is about to eat Cosmo!

Cosmo makes his escape!

Rick seems oblivious to that fact that he's about to be eaten.

ET is thinking about taking The Hat home.

Rick trying to convince Stacy that he knows how to play a guitar.

The Hat snuck away on his own to contemplate the situation.

The entrance to Universal. Anyone with a sense of organization would have made this the first picture.

Captain America isn't interested in any hat. He's found himself a babe!

Now and then The Hat slipped away for a quiet moment alone.

Rick hangs ten, with Cosmo's help.
Rick is really thinking about re-growing his mustache!

Patrick wears The Hat!

Why, it's Spongebob SquareHat!

Uh, Stacy--behind you!

Cosmo wins the Oscar for Best All-Around Hat!

Betty Boop is thinking, "Do I want to run off with this man?  He certainly has a nice hat!"

Rick is trying to think again. Hard work, isn't it?

Stacy is swept off her feet by the whole thing!
All in all, the Masons seemed to have a great time at Universal Studios.  And The Hat did for sure!

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