Tuesday, October 26, 2010


As almost everyone knows, Cosmo got into a spot of trouble on his first trip to Florida.  He met a beautiful and fatally seductive hussy who referred to herself only as Lady Hat.

As you can see, the attraction was instantaneous.  Little is known about Lady Hat, except her habit of frequenting a certain bar, Dock Hoppers.  Some say her name is Belle, some say Bella, and a few have referred to her as Angelina. 

Nobody really knows what lady Hat's real name is, and that seems to be the way she wants it.
She is a hat of mystery, intrigue, and most of all, sex appeal.

So it wasn't that much of a surprise to most of us when Baby Hatt came along.
 It came as a shock to Cosmo, however, and at first he tried to deny the little hat was his offspring.  But the resemblance was undeniable.  Baby looked just like her father.  Cosmo made some noise about hat support, but so far Tina has yet to see any.  Oh, yes, Lady Hat abandoned her child, leaving Tina Wright to raise her, and as Tina was to learn, raising a hat is no picnic.

Hats grow up fast, and before you knew it, Baby was a teenager.
 Yes, and already getting in trouble, stealing the keys to her foster mother's Harley and taking young criminals like Bear Thugg for wild joy-rides.  Tina tried to control her, but a person has to sleep sometime.

Baby was always out clubbing with her friend Barbie, drinking and dancing and finally wrecking Barbie's car.

You couldn't tell that fiesty young hat anything!  She fell in with a bad crowd.  Tina warned her she was going to wind up in jail, but did Baby listen? 

Of course not! Look at this motley crew! Isn't that Gene Simmons in the background?

 Just one problem.  There was an undercover cop in that bunch of misfits!  And he turned them all in!  Baby was sure Tina would bail her out, but it was time to teach the girl a lesson!

Ah, the shame of it all.  Baby can barely hold her hat up.

But she's out now, after a night in the slammer. Tina went her bail, and Baby promised to do a lot better in the future.  We'll see...
                                                   AND NOW, A WORD FROM COSMO

As some of you may know, my discoverer, Lowell W. Eaton, has published a novel.
I highly recommend it.  In fact, I'm on the back cover of the book, highly recommending it. I'll bet Amazon doesn't know Cosmo Hatt is a hat!  hahaha  Anyway, Lowell has started a blog about the novel. You can view it at mothernovel.blogspot.com As always, thank you for your support!

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