Friday, October 22, 2010


For the second time, Judy and I got together with some Facebook friends at PizzARoma on Frederica Street for pizza, conversation, and some photos of people wearing Cosmo. Misty Lashbrook was there with her son Brandon, and so was Kim Quisenberry, all of whom we'd been out with before. But we'd never met, in person, Tina Davis Everett and her husband Jeff.  Kim had never worn The Hat, and it was high time she did!  And, of course, Tina and Jeff hadn't either.

Jeff continues the tradition of a hat on top of a hat, started by Uncle Buck, and also strikes an unusual pose some said came from a movie involving Mini-Me, which I wouldn't know about, having never seen it. I just thought he was a little strange.

Kim looks good in The Hat.  She also looks good without a hat.

Tina flashes a big smile, wearing The Hat as though it were made for her. Jeff looks on.

Jeff seems underwhelmed by the whole thing.

Kim has a nice smile. The Hat is two for two on getting pretty women to smile.
Tina puts on her glasses for that librarian look.  

It was a fun outing.  The food was good, and Jeff turned out to be witty and a lot of fun.  We knew we would enjoy being with Misty, Brandon, and Kim, and knew from Facebook that Tina was smart and very funny at times. Jeff was sort of a pleasant surprise. 


OK. Since when does a hat get mail?  Even The Hat!  It was startling, to say the least.

Inside the envelope was a card. Snoopy on a tractor, wearing...The Hat!!
And this was the message. It was signed, A Secret Admirer.

We had several suspects, but none of them panned out.  When we got right down to it, we didn't have a clue who Secret Admirer was.

After weeks, a second card came.  The hat on this card is glued on, and made of what appears to be denim.

Note the hat colored on the dog on the stamp!  Is this cool or what?
Once again, the guessing game.  This time we were certain we knew who Secret Admirer was.  She was  artistic, and had all the right skills.  But she denied it.  Vehemently.  So we're back to Square One.  Secret Admirer is a mystery, and we don't have a clue who it might be. What we do know is that sending the card was a cool, humorous, and very nice gesture.  We appreciated it.  So did Cosmo!!


Cosmo came back from his sojourn in Wisconsin, and so far is keeping unusually mum about what he did there.  There are, to date, no pictures, or evidence of any kind.  We hope he didn't get in trouble but, knowing Cosmo, we wouldn't put it past him.

And now The Hat is going back to Florida--for the third time!  He is going to Disney World with Kim and her son.  We hope to hear from him soon.

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