Thursday, October 21, 2010


The Conquer Chiari Walk, or Walk for Chiari Awareness, was held in Garvin Park in Evansville, IN on Sept. 18, 2010. It was organized by a special person, and special friend of mine, Valerie Alexander Ferguson. Judy and I drove over, along with Cosmo,who very much wanted to meet Valerie and be photographed with her.

This is Valerie.  She is even more beautiful in person, and she's a knock-out in her photos.
I had told Valerie I might not be able to walk very far, because of cramps in my legs, for which doctors have yet to find an adequate diagnosis. On the day of the walk, I could barely make it from the parking lot to the sign-up desk, and walking was out of the question.  I was saddened by this, because I would really have loved to make that walk with Valerie.

Valerie introduced me to Uncle Buck, who wore The Hat over his own hat, which looked cool.
No offense, Uncle Buck, but The Hat looks a lot better on Valerie!
Another person I really wanted to meet was FB friend Tharilyn Bunker, who helped organize The Walk.
The sign-up desk was doing a brisk business.

Judy and Cosmo check things out.

Judy wears a balloon rose bracelet made for her by Uncle Buck.

Judy showing off her temporary Chiari tattoo.

Group photo of some of of the Chiarians present.

Some bikers came by to lend support.

A couple of fine-looking Harleys.

Gerald Houseknecht, head honcho of Eagle Riders.

Gerald with his son, Garrett.

The Eagle Riders were the bikers who came out. The motto on the jacket says it all.

Garrett and Gerald.

The Walk itself, in which I did not get to participate. But a lot of others did!

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