Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Janice looks good in The Hat!

Some people look great in a hat, and Heather is one of them!!

Is Matt teaching Cosmo, or is Cosmo teaching Matt?

Keith Rouse seems thoughtful. The Hat will do that to you.

Andy is trying to tell us something.

Charlotte looking good in The Hat and her Harley shirt.


Tony, Julie's husband, sits down to try teaching Cosmo some serious guitar licks.

Nathan in The Hat looks a lot like TV reality star Jesse James.

It was time for Cosmo to pay a visit to one of his best friends, Julie Alvey.  Julie was going to have gallbladder surgery, and The Hat wanted to be there for that.  Then he wanted to kick back a little and hang out with some of her friends and relatives. And she took him on a picnic, to Maple Mount, Kentucky, a Catholic picnic with bar-b-q, burgoo, and lots of nice people.

Julie before surgery. Cosmo is there for moral support. Or immoral, perhaps.

After surgery.  Blissed out, baby!!

Julie's mom, wearing The Hat, and in full control of the situation.

Betty looks good in The Hat, visiting Julie at the hospital.
Pat Flaherty, an attorney and Julie's boss, tries on The Hat.

Betty looks cool in her shades.

Chris just squints to keep out the sun.

Dave seems disturbed about something...


Chris treats The Hat to some pipe smoke.  Nice!!

The Hat seems to have swallowed a child's head.

John wears The Hat!

Joe Lowe, AKA JLowe, in shades and Hat.

Sister Camille.  We think.

Youngest priest at the picnic.  Didn't catch his name.

Oldest priest at the picnic.  Fr. Pike?
Hanging out with Julie and her friends is always fun for Cosmo, but the Maple Mount picnic was a special treat!  It was a fun day for The Hat--one to long remember!

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