Saturday, October 8, 2011



Cosmo had so much trouble picking only ten winners in the Women's Division that he went ahead and picked twelve! Even that was difficult, because every lady, or in some cases, woman, who wore Cosmo is a winner. You know Cosmo, he loves them all!  Some were left out because though Cosmo and Lowell still loves them, they de-friended us for some inexplicable reason.  They can still get back in. Vote for them. Vote for yourself.  You have 5 votes to use as you please, or more if you really want someone to win. Vote early and often!












PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE ARE IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER.  And if your picture is not on here, you can still win a coveted Hattie, by voting for yourself, or for anyone else who has worn the hat.

Cosmo has also decided to create two more categories. The NON-HUMAN, which would include animals, statues, and anything else that is not an actual person.  There will also be a SPECIAL CATEGORY for one of the first non-family hat wearers.  These winners will be announced soon.

CONGRATULATIONS, EVERYONE!  You have Cosmo's love and heart-felt gratitude for making him a star.  Well, minor celebrity.  Or something...

Friday, October 7, 2011













Congratulations, gentlemen! You wore the hat well, or you wouldn't be here.  Cosmo Hatt is proud of you, and grateful the you were nice enough to wear him. He thanks you, one and all.

Winners received a handsome Certificate of Award, suitable for framing. Well, suitable if they choose to print it out from their Facebook profile page!  (Hats aren't rich, and they tend to be a mite thrifty.) Here is an example of the Certificate:

The Women's Division Awards will be posted soon. As soon as I recover from posting all this, which may be a day or two!

Remember, you can still vote in the Men's Division. You may vote for up to 5 candidates, or vote for yourself 5 times. We aren't picky. The 5 leading vote-getters will win a Hattie! The competition will probably be fierce, so vote soon.


Hats have a habit of changing their minds, and Cosmo has changed his.  In trying to pick 5 Golden Hat winners in the Men's Division, The Traveling One found way too many great hat-wearers--so many, in fact, that he has decided to award 10 winners instead of 5.  The public can still vote on 5 more, if they wish, but 10 have already been decided, and the awards will be given out soon.

Since Cosmo had so much trouble selecting 5 male winners, he will also pick 10 winners in the Female Division. Again, the public can still vote on 5.  This will make a grand total of 30 winners overall, and there will be 10 more selected at some future date. Forty is a good round number.  Cosmo doesn't want to cheapen the award.  Almost anyone, for example, can be a Kentucky Colonel, including Col. Sanders and the infamous Col. Spanky. The Golden Hat Award, or Hattie, is meant to be special. So special that if in the future someone sees one of the winners, instead of saying,  "What a hottie!" they will say  "What a Hattie!"  Ouch.  Sorry about that one, folks!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


There is big news coming out of Hattville, USA.  Cosmo Hatt, the world-famous Traveling Hat, seems to be getting bored with retirement, which he began back in June.  Recently he took a trip to Chattanooga, where he kept a very low profile, although he became secretly acquainted with a beautiful plaid hat whose name remains a mystery, and a knock-out pink number he refers to, slyly, as "Pinkie."  While he insists that no hanky-panky went on, we all know Cosmo.

Recently, The Traveling One announced that he is contemplating  a little something to give back to his adoring public.  He is considering something he calls the Golden Hat Awards, or the Hattie. These sure-to-be-coveted trophies (or whatever) will be presented to the ten best hat-wearers to date.  Ten Hatties will be presented in the Female Division, and ten in the Male. Only humans will be eligible.  Other hats, assorted animals (real and fake) and other non-humans will not be considered.  Judging will be on the basis of who wore The Hat best.  Cosmo will pick five winners in each category. The other five in each will be voted on by hat-wearers themselves. Please, one vote per customer, and yes, you may vote for yourself. If a picture of you wearing Cosmo is not available on this blog, in Lowell Wendell Eaton's Facebook photos, or elsewhere --due to de-friending, various fits of pique, spaz attacks, or whatever, you can still enter if you have a legitimate photo of you and Cosmo, but please, no fake pictures of other hats. Cosmo will recognize these. Hats have a long memory.

The awards...Cosmo hasn't decided. Something cheap, since hats aren't rich, you know. Possibly the Hattie will be a beautiful certificate, suitable for framing.

 To nominate yourself or someone else, upload a photo of the individual wearing Cosmo to Lowell's profile  page on FB, or send it in an e-mail to Be sure to mention that you are nominating this person for a Golden Hat Award..  Good luck!  You are all winners in Cosmo's book!

Friday, June 3, 2011


Owensboro, Ky.  June 3, 2011--  The Traveling Hat, better known as Cosmo, announced his retirement today.

  "I have decided to hang it up,"  Hatt said.  "It's been a great run, but even a hat gets tired, eventually.  I want to just kick back and be a regular hat now."  It wasn't so much the travel as the people, he went on.  "If there's anything I've learned in my brush with fame and occasional misfortune, it is that a lot of people who call themselves your friends can't be trusted to stand by you, or stand up for you.  It gets a bit old, being thrown under the bus so often.  It stops being fun."

  There was the Louisiana Incident, which causes Cosmo to shudder even today.  "Lowell was all set to send me down there, where I would be taken to New Orleans, the French Quarter, all that. Then the person who promised all that suddenly defriended Lowell, the man who adopted and raised me, for no reason he was ever able to determine.  I got pulled back just in time.  That was scary!"

  Cosmo said he had learned not to depend on anyone except Lowell and a handful of close friends.  "Even there you can go wrong,"  he said.  "People Lowell thinks are good friends sometimes turn out not to be."

  Hatt said he has stopped playing Frontierville, and will be closing down his e-mail and his Facebook site.

Cosmo Hatt, in happier times.

"I apologize to all my friends on Facebook, but this has to be done.  The Hat albums on Lowell's site will remain, although they may be edited to reflect current realities,"  Hatt said. 

"Goodbye,"  he added.

This will be the final entry in travelsofthehat.

Friday, May 20, 2011


THE HAT just got back from California, where he has been on extended vacation.  He stayed with Lowell's good friend Liz Reynolds, and despite her very best efforts, guess what? Cosmo managed to get himself into a heap o' trouble. WHAT A SURPRISE!

 While in the Golden State, Cosmo met, and got to know, any number of lady hats, most of them quite well indeed! This, remember, is a Traveling Hat, and he has very little, if any, shame.   The biggest news is that Cosmo narrowly escaped getting married--a first for him!  There were scary fathers, crazy redneck cousins, a kinky pirate girl, not to mention booze, parties, guns, and knives. Yes, THE HAT had himself a fine old time!

First, of course, was the hat he really went all the way to see, the lovely Chapeau Rouge.

This led, to everyone's surprise, to a trip to the altar. Rouge waited nervously for Cosmo to show up.

But alas, the marriage was not to be.  Cosmo bolted, infuriating Rouge's redneck cousin, LeRoy, who had a gun.
There were too many other hats to meet and make love to, like Anna Panama, a gorgeous doe-eyed, beautifully tan hat from Ecuador.
There was also Chapeau Verde, a fit outdoorsy Western hat, who was refreshingly sassy.
There was Luba, an exotic Russian hat, who was VERY nice to Cosmo.
There was that little hottie at the beach...
There was Amore, Anna Panama's cousin, who wanted Cosmo to run away with her.
There were clingy beach bunnies...
There was the birthday party Liz threw for him, to attend.

There was a cake that Liz baked for him, but she didn't know how many candles to put on it, because  Cosmo refused to reveal his age.

And there was Verde's dad to worry about--Daddy Stetson. He warned Cosmo against trifling, but it was like telling a fish to stay out of the water.

There was a lot going on--too much to tell about here.  Would Cosmo lose control and marry one of the lady hats?  Would he run off with Amore?  Would he dally with a pirate girl?  Would someone knife him or shoot him?  Tune in tomorrow, folks!

Friday, March 11, 2011

March 2, 2011, at PizzAroma

Cosmo had just returned from a trip to Florida with Julie, and Judy and I planned a get-together at our favorite meeting place, but due to various things we won't go into (such as hangovers!) some of the people invited couldn't make it. Luckily, Jill Payne McDonald, her daughter Michaela, and Jill's friend Ginger Greene showed up.  Judy and I were excited, and so was Cosmo.  We had never met any of these Facebook friends.  They turned out to be every bit as nice as we expected, and funny, too.

Jill took to Cosmo right away. And, of course, he fell in love with her!  

Jill's daughter Michaela really knows how to wear a Hat.  Cosmo was pleased.

Ginger Greene Got along with The Hat just fine!

Mother and daughter pose together with Cosmo.

Cosmo regales Michaela with stories of his travels.

Uh-oh!  I think Cosmo may have told Ginger a dirty joke!

All in all it was a fun evening, with good food, good friends, and The Hat, who has a way of making any evening special!

THIS JUST IN...  March 11, 2011

Cosmo is now in California with his friend Liz Reynolds,  her doll Dolly, and Liz's collection of sexy female hats, which include Chapeau Rouge and Verde Chapeau, as well as a mysterious Russian hat Cosmo is dying to meet.  And yes, this looks like a recipe for Trouble, but what can one do with a traveling hat with a wandering eye?

Here is Cosmo meeting sweet little Dolly, who is like a daughter to him!
  Look for many more pictures to come from Cosmo's California escapade.  Let's just hope he dpesn't become a father again, and that he manages to stay out of jail.  We KNOW he's going to get in trouble.  With Cosmo, that is a given!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cosmo's Latest Adventures

So what has our good friend Cosmo Hatt been up to lately?  He's been on an extended vacation with his good friend Julie Alvey.  She invited him to her place for Christmas, and he won't leave!  He needed a rest though, after so many trips to Florida and Chicago and Wisconsin, and who knows where else! His brim was starting to droop just a little.

He hasn't been completely idle, however.  He's been playing Frontierville, answering his e-mail, and chatting with his friends on Facebook.

He also has two new -- ahem  -- friends.

Meet Chateau Rouge, a French hat who has charmed Cosmo right off his, er, feet.

Yes, our Hatt is learning French! Somewhat slowly -- hats are not terribly good with foreign languages -- but he's getting there.

And then there is Verde Chapeau, a not-exactly-kissing cousin of Rouge.

Verde is French also, but is very much Americanized, and considers herself a cowhat.  Not surprisingly, she and Rouge do not always get along.  Cosmo rather enjoys keeping them in a mood to quarrel over him.  There is nothing he enjoys more than a good hatfight.

And what of the future?  Cosmo keeps hinting about a trip to California, where, not so oddly enough, Chapeau Rouge and Verde Chapeau live.  Then, Michigan, and finally, he hopes, back to Florida again. So it is a good thing for him to get all the rest he can.  He may need it!