Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Hat meets some Florida friends!

The Hat took his trip to Florida because some of my Facebook friends who lived there wanted to make his acquaintance. And be photographed wearing him. The Hat was already starting to get famous. So he took a ride on the U.S. Mails, and after approximately enough time had elapsed for him to have gotten there by Pony Express, he arrived. He was greeted with open arms.  My Florida friends adopted him, wined and dined him, partied with him, and had fun with him.  He was, of course, thrilled.

Here are a few of the friends The Hat made in Florida.

Mary Jane, also known as MJ, set the tone with her dignity and sense of propriety.

MJ's daughter, Kelly, was, as always, her own solemn self.
Tina was the very model of lady-like decorum.
Well, for a while, anyway...
Kelly decided to join in the fun...
While MJ cautioned restraint...
But The Hat had his own ideas. He was raking in the dough, from doing God knows what.

He was having a good time, for sure!!
Kelly could only look on in horror -- well, sort of.
Hearing the story later, Lisa was properly scandalized...
But it wasn't over yet.  None of them knew the full extent of the mischief The Hat had got himself into...


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  1. One has to decide whether to be a hustler or a drunk. Both are noble callings, to be sure, but they aren't compatible. The hat had better decide, or he'll end up in the dump, or at the Salvation Army Thrift Store.