Saturday, October 16, 2010


We'd been trying to get together with our good friend Misty Michelle Lashbrook for a shopping trip, and the day finally came.  We were going to Kohl's and Misty was going to wear The Hat for the first time. Also, we were to meet Stacy Mason there. She wanted to pick up The Hat and take it back to Florida, for a visit to Universal Studios. But first, we found a couple of pictures on Facebook from The Hat's trip down there earlier, pics that hadn't been posted before.

One was of Keith Bate's, Kelly's husband, who somehow got left out of the earlier flurry of snapshots.  Nothing sinister there.

But the next photo stopped us in our tracks, and sent our buddy Cosmo Hatt scurrying for cover.  WHAT WAS THIS?  Cosmo, you scoundrel, what did you DO down in Florida? Beside drink, dance, and have a great time?  Maybe a bit too good a time, eh...

There's a BABY hat!
At first, Cosmo wasn't admitting a thing. Then he began a sordid tale of secret trysts and moonlight...well, shenanigans!  Yes, Baby Hatt was his.  There was some talk of hat support, but Cosmo has been fairly mum about that. And frankly, we don't know whether to be ashamed or proud.  I have a grand-hat! 

Since there didn't seem to be much we could do, we went shopping.

Judy, Lowell, and Misty, at Kohl's.

Stacy Mason makes an appearance.

Stacy looks great in The Hat.

So does Misty!!

Bond.  Lowell Bond, 008.  I'm in charge of the snacks.

Stacy in her Audi, Black Betty, ready to take Cosmo back to Florida.

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