Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Back Home, The Hat Socializes

Back from Florida, Cosmo socializes with new friends and old, attending a family get-together at McDonald's and a women's vollyball game at Kentucky Wesleyan College.

My sister Rita wears The Hat at McDonald's!

Aunt Laureta.

Cousin Patsy came all the way from Livermore.

Patsy again.

And again.

Cousin Wanda, Patsy's sister, seems dubious about the whole idea.

Ha! Caught her not smiling!

Laureta seems to like The Hat.
Eric Hagan, friend and assistant coach of  Ky. Wesleyan Women's Volleyball.

Judy and I went to a movie with Misty and her son Brandon. Brandon looks good in The Hat.

So I took another picture of him!

Emily Harpenau, one of the Wesleyan star volleyballers, and a Facebook friend.

Group photo of the the Wesleyan  women's volleyball team.

One of the volleyball players. She looks great in The Hat!

The Wesleyan women in action!

Getting ready to play.

Regina Hagan, Eric's mother, and a Facebook friend.  She let me watch the game with her.

The Hat looks like it was made for her!

Emily loved wearing The Hat!

The Hat doesn't always have to travel far to have fun.  There are many more people to meet, many more Facebook friends to see, and many more adventures to come!

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