Friday, October 7, 2011


Hats have a habit of changing their minds, and Cosmo has changed his.  In trying to pick 5 Golden Hat winners in the Men's Division, The Traveling One found way too many great hat-wearers--so many, in fact, that he has decided to award 10 winners instead of 5.  The public can still vote on 5 more, if they wish, but 10 have already been decided, and the awards will be given out soon.

Since Cosmo had so much trouble selecting 5 male winners, he will also pick 10 winners in the Female Division. Again, the public can still vote on 5.  This will make a grand total of 30 winners overall, and there will be 10 more selected at some future date. Forty is a good round number.  Cosmo doesn't want to cheapen the award.  Almost anyone, for example, can be a Kentucky Colonel, including Col. Sanders and the infamous Col. Spanky. The Golden Hat Award, or Hattie, is meant to be special. So special that if in the future someone sees one of the winners, instead of saying,  "What a hottie!" they will say  "What a Hattie!"  Ouch.  Sorry about that one, folks!

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