Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cosmo's Latest Adventures

So what has our good friend Cosmo Hatt been up to lately?  He's been on an extended vacation with his good friend Julie Alvey.  She invited him to her place for Christmas, and he won't leave!  He needed a rest though, after so many trips to Florida and Chicago and Wisconsin, and who knows where else! His brim was starting to droop just a little.

He hasn't been completely idle, however.  He's been playing Frontierville, answering his e-mail, and chatting with his friends on Facebook.

He also has two new -- ahem  -- friends.

Meet Chateau Rouge, a French hat who has charmed Cosmo right off his, er, feet.

Yes, our Hatt is learning French! Somewhat slowly -- hats are not terribly good with foreign languages -- but he's getting there.

And then there is Verde Chapeau, a not-exactly-kissing cousin of Rouge.

Verde is French also, but is very much Americanized, and considers herself a cowhat.  Not surprisingly, she and Rouge do not always get along.  Cosmo rather enjoys keeping them in a mood to quarrel over him.  There is nothing he enjoys more than a good hatfight.

And what of the future?  Cosmo keeps hinting about a trip to California, where, not so oddly enough, Chapeau Rouge and Verde Chapeau live.  Then, Michigan, and finally, he hopes, back to Florida again. So it is a good thing for him to get all the rest he can.  He may need it!

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