Thursday, October 6, 2011


There is big news coming out of Hattville, USA.  Cosmo Hatt, the world-famous Traveling Hat, seems to be getting bored with retirement, which he began back in June.  Recently he took a trip to Chattanooga, where he kept a very low profile, although he became secretly acquainted with a beautiful plaid hat whose name remains a mystery, and a knock-out pink number he refers to, slyly, as "Pinkie."  While he insists that no hanky-panky went on, we all know Cosmo.

Recently, The Traveling One announced that he is contemplating  a little something to give back to his adoring public.  He is considering something he calls the Golden Hat Awards, or the Hattie. These sure-to-be-coveted trophies (or whatever) will be presented to the ten best hat-wearers to date.  Ten Hatties will be presented in the Female Division, and ten in the Male. Only humans will be eligible.  Other hats, assorted animals (real and fake) and other non-humans will not be considered.  Judging will be on the basis of who wore The Hat best.  Cosmo will pick five winners in each category. The other five in each will be voted on by hat-wearers themselves. Please, one vote per customer, and yes, you may vote for yourself. If a picture of you wearing Cosmo is not available on this blog, in Lowell Wendell Eaton's Facebook photos, or elsewhere --due to de-friending, various fits of pique, spaz attacks, or whatever, you can still enter if you have a legitimate photo of you and Cosmo, but please, no fake pictures of other hats. Cosmo will recognize these. Hats have a long memory.

The awards...Cosmo hasn't decided. Something cheap, since hats aren't rich, you know. Possibly the Hattie will be a beautiful certificate, suitable for framing.

 To nominate yourself or someone else, upload a photo of the individual wearing Cosmo to Lowell's profile  page on FB, or send it in an e-mail to Be sure to mention that you are nominating this person for a Golden Hat Award..  Good luck!  You are all winners in Cosmo's book!

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