Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas At Julie's

December, 2010.  Cosmo decided to visit Julie Alvey for a while, and found himself getting caught up in the Christmas  spirit.  He made a great tree-topper, if he did say so himself, which of course he did, over and over.

MariJane wears The Hat well.

Madison is hiding his eyes, or Cosmo is covering them.

Jessie tries to hold Cosmo down.  He totally loves chicks with tattoos.

Glenn throws his hands up at a Cosmo remark.

Lisa seems a bit taken back, also.

Not Scoots!

Mike is having fun with the whole thing.

Tim isn't taking Cosmo seriously--a good move.

Curtis doesn't know what to think.

Steve has known hats like Cosmo before. They are instant friends.

Nathan seems a bit embarrassed.  Cosmo will do that to you!

Hunter the dog isn't impressed by Cosmo's act.

Karen decides to relax and enjoy it.       

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