Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Here come de train! We left from Barrington Station.

Spencer and I enjoying the ride.

Vikki and Judy try sharing The Hat.

Heather was the first one in my Hat Album. She still wears Cosmo  well.  I think Cosmo likes her.

Cosmo gives Heather a face hug.

Spencer takes hat-wearing seriously.

I think Cosmo is telling him something.

The view out a tinted window.

Coming into the train station.

On Thursday, November 11, 2010, Cosmo took a ride with Judy and me to Chicago, to visit out daughter Vikki, and out grandchildren Heather and Spencer.  We wanted to meet our Faeebook friend Ashleigh Wolfgang, also known as Kanye East, and also Herberto Dutra, Vikki's significant other. We also planned to meet Facebook friend Cesar Smatters, AKA Cesar Salad.  All of this we did, in due time.  Other goal was to take a train ride to the city and spend some time downtown, something we hadn't done in quite a while.  And I hadn't even seen Vikki's new house, although Judy had.

We decided to take a water taxi, a really cool way to travel.

For some inexplicable reason, this building was turned sideways.

A close-up of the Chicago Tribune Building, one of the city's most impressive.

The Trib is incredibly detailed, with delicate lacework in stone.

It also has stones from famous structures around the world embedded in its facade.

Street level Chicago.

Outside the world-famous Billy Goat Tavern.

A Chicago policeman tries  Cosmo on.  It was that or arrest him.

Cruisin' down the river.  The Chicago River, actually.

The view out Vikki's back sliding door.  She has a beautiful yard, but it was too dark and rainy to show up here.

My friend Ashleigh Wolfgang dropped by for a visit.

Ash and Cosmo made friends right away.

Cesar at the bowling alley where he works, and where Heather worked until fairly recently.

Cesar is a fantastic guitar player.

Vikki's house, late afternoon.  Flowers were still blooming here and there.

Herberto "Herb" Dutra.  He's from Brazil, is an engineer, and speaks several languages. He also plays guitar. Cosmo liked him.
The Chicago trip was fun. We went up on Thursday and came back Sunday morning. It was warm when we got there, but grew progressively colder. Cosmo had a fine old time!

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